Hello,friends am glad to be fortunate writing my first post on this site,i count it as a privilege.

Well,having grown up  in Africa,nothern Nigeria to be precise, (i have grown up to value the Education my parents had given me.)where education was not valued at all,but rather was like a taboo,this gift(education) i have received,seeing the gain i have achieved,made me to creat the zeal and vow that this is what i must contribute in a place where i was born.eventhough am not a native, (i speak the native language hausa which has helped alot in communication)believe ,because , being born there,i created a bound.(i am originally from the eastern igbo speaking tribe of Nigeria)with this hausa speaking tribe in the north,Who had higher regard more for their islamic arabic classes than for western education and it’s values and benefits.

Years back freshly out of the university with no job on sight i decided to be a teacher,not permanent but as a pastime while i waited for a better offer(hopefully from a bank since i majored in accounting) which never came,while i waited  in a job considered to be for the low lives,a better one never came.then 10years on here i am still an educationist and loving what i do,through the years as i looked deeper i got to believe and understand that perhaps this was my destiny,to bring up youngs  ones teach and inculcate in them morals benefitting them way into their future.

And this was where my very little dream was born,because as i picked up interest i began to see the problems, it was diffult for parents to enroll their children especially the girls into schools,citing poverty as the reason,and would rather send the boys a

s they believed the girls would marry ,therefore educating them was a waste,and this also led to high rate of child brides,and these young children, got married they would be molested, abused,and during child birth,contracted the deadly v.v.f.This made me to find ways to try to contribute my own quoter by using a platform such as this to be a voice and hope for them and to encourage them in hopeless situations,doing the little i can which i believe might make a difference,with love and high respect to those who started this cause and still continuing ,in whose footsteps i follow and will still thread on with God giving me strenght.

Not to take all the time discussing one subject, l  believe there wii still be enough to discuss more as this is one of the reasons why i believe this blog was born,and i want to thank WordPress for giving me this platform on a free plan,as this couldn’t have come at a better ti

On a more lighter note,i will also be using this blog,to also talk about other general areas i have passion for, such as fashion (we sell items sometimes to raise funds for some of our activities which we have started to work on but not complete yet).

Others  are styling,entertainment, lifestyle,politics e.t.c. to sometimes brighten our day.So my friends,as i write this blog you will get to know also as a wife,mother,sister,aunty,daughter-in-law,and do forgive me for some Mistakes i might make  during this time as am still an amateur in this regard with hopes to greatly improve ,with your support and encouragement. I hope to always bring you the best i can every week.Thanks as always.

Victoria ngozi ndah.