Michelle obama’s message to the youths…lessons I’ve learnt!.

She is a mother.

She is passionate about the young ones.

She wants the best for all young ones.

She reapects the young people.

She is a first lady.

She is a humble mother.

She promised to carry one supporting education.

She stands for girl child education.

She is a supporter of education.

She feels what an ordinary mother feels.

She dedicated her time in the white house,promoting education for young ones.

As i watche her farewell speech, i really began to imagine,how she will be missed in this area.

I love and respect you dear Michelle, for your love for the young around the world especially the girl child.

You will be terribly missed,but your impact,am sure will never be easily forgotten especially to me.

Her fight and campaign for the release of the chibok girls captured by the deadly boko haram in Nigeria,in the deadly sambisa forest.

She identifys with the less privileged and support women empowerment.

Yes i could go on and on….with the list.

Thank you dear Michelle for being there,and lending your voice to the voiceless.you’ve done well,Godbless you,your husband and the u.s.a.

Pls continue with this cause and never relent.

With love and respect,

Victoria ngozi ndah.