Tips for parents on helping our young ones,as school resumes after the holidays.



Happy to be writing again;as the term begins, there are alot we should be doing and be helping our sweet little ones to achieve,after helping them have so much fun,it’s time to let them know,its time to be serious.Also help them shove up that nightmarish feelings.

I believe these few tips will help with my long experience as a teacher:-

*start announcing the resumption date,serving as a reminder.

*Go start buying what they need for school by making them part of it,(let them make list of what they need for the older ones).

*come back to routines (activities done during school time e.g going to bed early,cut down on playtime activities).

*bring their books and study(a form of revising last term’s work,let it be a reminder).

*Help them put or arrange their school items,where it is assessable or reachable.

*Make time tables for chore or activities before going to school everyday.

*Go over things they need to do.

*Encourage them ,when all seem overwhelming to their young minds,use yourself as reference not someome else.

*Always pray for them and bless them.

*Always advice them,you never can tell which might come in handy for them at a point in time.

*Always and i repeat always” LOVE”them no matter what!being a pupil or student non comes easy i tell you!

Best regard.

Vickiey ndah.