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#Education our pride.

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#Education begets happiness.
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 I am an Educationist, am also into fashion  and styling which is a hobby i love,and practise,and am an Entrepreneur),with a passion for promoting the girl child Education,and Children in general.alsohelping of the poor and less privileged in our society,also Women Empowerment and Anti-girl child Marriage all mostly in the northern part of Nigeria,West Africa.I will always love to hear various opinions on various subject,Also i engage in thought provoking discussions,also am interested in general issues, such as health lifestyle,Entertainment,Politics e.t.c.l am so happy and priviledged to have a platform like this where i will be bearing my thoughts on this issues as they come to mind or trend,am always opened for discussion. My contact Email is

        Looking forward to writing you interesting,thoughtful -reasonable blogs.thank you!

Ngozi Ndah.